Signs You Need A Ductless AC

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Air conditioners use different systems to circulate air and cool the house. For example, some ACs rely on ductwork or air circulation, while others circulate air without ductwork. Below are a few signs you should consider a ductless system.

You Have a New Addition

A ductless system is perfect for a new addition, such as a garage or sunroom. For example, you don't have to install ductwork, interfere with your existing AC's sizing, or upgrade the existing system. You just need an AC contractor to size the ductless system for your new addition.

You Have a Room With Unique Cooling Needs

A typical AC design assumes that every part of the house has the same ambient temperature and requires comparable cooling. However, that is not true for all houses; some people have rooms with unique needs.

Say you have a huge kitchen with many cooking appliances you love cooking with. Your kitchen will likely be hotter than other rooms of the house whenever it is in use. A ductless AC can help you cool the kitchen independently from other rooms in the house.

Your House Lacks Ductwork

A ductless system also makes sense for properties without ductwork. Say you buy a home without AC or want to replace your current ductless system. Ductwork installation starts from $250 per foot. The budget can go up considerably for a bigger house. Avoid all that by installing a ductless system.

You Live in a Rental

Installing an AC system that requires ductwork involves considerable house renovation or alteration. However, messing up your rental home can get you in trouble with the landlord and cost you money. However, that doesn't mean you have to endure sweltering heat during the summer. Ductless AC installation involves minimal alteration of existing structures.

You Want Independent Cooling

Consider ductless systems if your household members are particular about their cooling needs. You can install ductless systems in different rooms for independent cooling. That way you don't have to fight over the temperature settings.

You Have Chronic Health Issues

Lastly, consider a ductless system if you have respiratory diseases or allergies that require the cleanest air possible. Duct systems are not ideal for those with such health issues since ducts circulate dirt and debris in the house and harbor pests that can worsen health problems.

Both duct and ductless systems have their pros and cons. An AC contractor will evaluate your house and consider your preferences so they can help you choose the best system. Reach out to an air conditioning service near you to learn more.