Fixing an Air Conditioner That Does Not Emit Cool Air

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If you use an air conditioning unit to cool areas of the interior of your home, and you have noticed it is not working up to par as of late, you want to take action in repairing it so it provides you with comfort at times you need it most. Here are some areas to check on an air conditioning unit in an attempt to reverse a non-cooling problem.

Make Sure The Temperature Setting Is Accurate

An air conditioning unit has a dial or digital display present that allows you to select the temperature you want to keep in the interior of your home. If this setting is altered, the unit may emit warmer air rather than the cooling temperature you desire. The first area to check on an air conditioning unit that is not cooling properly is the temperature setting. If it is not programmed or turned to the proper setting, this is a quick fix to get the cool air flowing into your home.

Check The Condition Of The Unit's Air Filter

An air conditioning unit has an air filter inside of it to trap debris so it does not end up inside your home along with cool air. If this air filter is clogged, the unit needs to work longer and harder to provide cooling capabilities. Remove the unit's air filter and replace it with a new one whenever the original one appears caked with debris or discolored. If the unit has a reusable filter, remove it and rinse it with water to remove debris. Allow it to completely dry before placing it back in your air conditioning unit.

Inspect The Area For Obstructions To Air Flow

If your air conditioning unit is positioned in a way where airflow is obstructed, you may find that the rooms in your home are not cooling as quickly as you would like. Make sure the air conditioner you use is placed in a spot away from large pieces of furniture and that doors do not block airflow. Keep curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds away from your air conditioner as well.

Remove Debris From The Unit's Coils

There are coils located inside of your air conditioning unit that work at cooling the air that goes inside. If these coils become dirty, they do not work properly. Unplug your unit and remove the cover hiding the components underneath. Use a soft-bristled vacuum cleaner attachment to remove debris from the coil area. 

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