Have High Heating Bills That Continue To Rise? Check Your Furnace And Ducts Today

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Keeping your family comfortable in the winter can be difficult if you have varying temperatures throughout the house. There are different reasons for this, and things that you'll want a heating professional to look into. 

Call a licensed heating and cooling company to send a professional to your home. When evaluating the furnace, the ductwork, and the ventilation system, the following are possible causes of your air temperature regulation woes.

Damaged Blower Motor

The blower motor component that acts as a fan to push the air throughout the house may not be working properly. This can result in the hot air produced by the furnace to heat the home not getting through the entire ventilation system.

Cold rooms and areas can result when the air isn't circulating as needed. The motor may need to be replaced or repaired. Repairing a damaged motor can also improve the efficiency of the unit.

Duct Leaks

Up to 30 percent of the air your furnace produces daily could be lost through the ducts while traveling through the property. Talk with the service professional about having the following things done to prevent this, and to maintain your ventilation system:

  • Duct repairs and realignment
  • Exterior duct sealing
  • Interior duct cleaning

These things will all help with heating and cooling efficiency, and if duct leaks are causing air loss, they will help to even out temperatures around your home.

Thermostat Problems

If the thermostat in your home is inaccurate, or the sensors aren't working properly, it may be sending signals to the furnace to shut down prematurely, preventing warm air from getting to all areas in the home. Have the thermostat evaluated and see if there is a disconnect between the thermostat and the furnace. It may also be time to update and upgrade the thermostat for convenience and more efficiency.

Some homes have temperature regulation problems and inconsistencies throughout the living spaces because the ductwork wasn't installed properly initially. If this is the error, then you will have to decide if you want to start a major HVAC repair project.

There are a lot of different reasons why your home may be hot in one room and cold in another. Have a heating and cooling service professional come to your home so they can evaluate what is going on with the furnace, the thermostat, and the ventilation system.

Contact a local HVAC service to learn more about residential air ducts.