Tips For Maintaining Your Home's Air Conditioning

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Your home's central air system is critical to your comfortable enjoyment of your home throughout the summer months. Unfortunately, even well-maintained central air conditioning systems are prone to malfunctions. If it seems that your home's air conditioning isn't living up to what it should, there are a few things that you should consider. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to have an AC service technician look into.

Check The Air Ducts

Many times, performance issues with a central air conditioning system can be traced back to the air ducts themselves. If the ducts are older, there's a good chance that the ductwork or the seams may be leaking. Leaks in the air ducts lead to cool air loss along the path from the air conditioner to the rooms in your home. You'll want to have an air conditioning maintenance technician locate the areas where the ducts are vulnerable and then seal the gaps or reinforce the ductwork.

Inspect The Filters

Take time to check the air intake filters. These filters play a crucial role in the airflow through the system. The filters capture the dirt, dust, and particles from the air to protect your air conditioning from damage. If you install the wrong filter, or your air filter is dirty, that will interfere with the air conditioning system's operation. These units depend on consistent, sufficient airflow. That's why you should always have the air filters inspected to ensure that they are clean and fit properly.

Test The Blower Motor

If you're not getting any significant airflow anywhere in the house, the problem could reside with the blower motor. This is particularly true if you hear the system shift as though it's going to push air but then you hear a squeal or other unusual sound and don't notice any air through the vents. In those cases, you should shut off the air conditioning system until you can get an air conditioning system technician to inspect and test the blower motor and then repair it.

These are just a few of the things to consider when your home's air conditioning system isn't performing the way that it should. The more you understand about your air conditioning system's operation, the easier it is for you to spot the problems that interfere with airflow. Reach out to a local air conditioning service and maintenance technician today for more information and to restore the proper operation of your home's air conditioning system.

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