Five Signs You May Want to Contact an HVAC Dealer Regarding Central Air

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If you don't have a central HVAC system in your home, then you may be using window ACs, or heavily relying on your ceiling fans to cool the house. However, an HVAC system will offer you much better cooling and a lot of other advantages over many other methods of cooling. Here are five signs that you may want to contact an HVAC dealer to discuss having a central HVAC system installed in your home:

1: You have uneven cooling

If you use a method of cooling that doesn't cool the whole house evenly, then this can cause you to spend the majority of your time in the cooler areas of the house. When you have a central HVAC system installed, you can enjoy an entire home that's at a comfortable temperature. This can help you to feel as if you have much more freedom in your own home. 

2: You spend a lot to cool your home

When you do use something like window or wall air conditioners, you can end up spending a lot of money on your home cooling. Since these units don't cool as well, you will likely have to have them going a lot of the time. Also, you may have to have several units working throughout the house to cool the different bedrooms, as well as the living space. A central HVAC system will cool your whole house quickly and then only come back on once the temperature in the house has risen again. If you have a well-insulated home, then the system might not have to come on as much as you may expect. 

3: You want to increase the value of your home

You may want to enjoy a cooler and more cost-effective home while you have it. However, you might also be looking for ways to increase its value. If you want to take a big step toward increasing the home's value, then having a central VAC system installed is a fantastic way to go.

4: You also lack a proper heating system

If you also use a form of heating that doesn't heat the whole home evenly, or efficiently, then a central HVAC system can help you here as well. Since HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, you know that you are going to be helped out in three ways by the system. 

5: Your family deals with poor air quality

Whether you live in a dusty area, an area with many flowers and greenery, have pets, or have other things going on that cause poor air quality, an HVAC system will help. While your main motivation may be to get a better air conditioning system, you will win when it comes to air quality as well. The system filters the air in your home and puts the air back into the home with much fewer pollutants and particles. This will create a healthier environment for everyone, but people who struggle with breathing issues and allergies will benefit the most.

When you decide you're ready to get serious about getting an HVAC system, you'll want to contact an HVAC dealer—such as Trane South.