Clogged Sinks and Basins: Dos and Don'ts

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Not all plumbing issues need a 24-hour emergency plumber. You can sort out some of the plumbing issues yourself. Clogged kitchen sinks and toilet basins are among the plumbing issues you can handle. Find below the actions you can take and those to avoid.


Find below how you can attempt to fix clogged sinks and wash hand basins:

1. Run Hot Water

The grease in food residue can cause slow draining sinks because it clogs the drain pipes. Flush water through the drain to help dislodge grime from the pipework. You should mix hot water with dish soap then pour the solution down the drain.

In this light, avoid grease disposal in the sink drains to prevent clogs. Over time, the grease from food residue hardens and clogs the drain pipes.

2. Use a Plunger

You can use a cup plunger when you experience light clogs. A standard plunger removes light clogs in the drain pipes. Follow these steps while using a plunger:

  • Fill the sink halfway with warm water

  • Block the overflow drain with a damp cloth

  • Place the plunger over the sink drain and firmly push up and down

  • Remove the plunger and check if the water drains

  • Repeat this until the water drains off completely

Filling the sink halfway with hot water creates a seal around the sink drain for effective suction. If the water doesn't drain after multiple attempts, you have to seek a 24-hour emergency plumber to help clear the drain.


Be cautious while handling clogged sinks and wash hand basins by yourself. Here are things you shouldn't do:

1. Don't Use Chemical-Based Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners include acids that can damage your drain system by corroding the pipework. Besides, while cleaning using the chemicals, a backsplash can occur, and the chemicals can get into contact with your eyes or skin. This situation is risky, and you should avoid it unless under the close supervision of an expert.

2. Don't Add Water To the Sink or Basin

Don't try to flush more water through the drain with a serious blockage hoping that the pressure build-up will unclog it. This fix will result in more flooding in the kitchen sinks or hand basins and cause more problems. If you lack the tools to undertake the fix, contact a 24-hour emergency plumber to do it for you.


Prevention is the best remedy to any plumbing issues. You don't have to wait until your kitchen and toilet sink clog. Schedule regular inspections with your plumber to keep your drain pipes and sinks secure from blockages. That way, you will reduce the need for a 24-hour emergency plumber and improve the condition of your kitchen sinks and toilet basins.

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