When To Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance

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Your HVAC unit requires regular maintenance for it to work optimally and maintain the manufacturer's warranty.  Remember that AC problems can occur when you least expect them, which is why you should act fast when your unit begins to act strange. Here are a few indicators that it's time to seek preventative air conditioning maintenance services.

You have AC problems that keep recurring

Sometimes your air conditioning system doesn't fail at once but encounters minor issues that resolve for a short time then recur later. If you experience such a problem or have had lots of unnecessary repairs lately, it's an indicator your system is approaching the end of its life. Air conditioning maintenance by an experienced technician is necessary in such cases because they can check your entire unit to determine the best cause of action. It's possible that your unit requires a few simple repairs, a couple of minor adjustments, or even needs to be replaced.

Your AC is emitting a foul smell

If you're suspecting that your HVAC unit is emitting a foul odor, you should handle it before it becomes problematic. A few factors that may cause such smell include mold or fungus buildup, a clog in the condensate drain line, or a wet filter. Such a smell could also indicate that a dead animal is trapped and decaying in your unit. Preventative air conditioning maintenance by qualified technicians will ensure that your unit is clean and the issues resulting from the foul smell are addressed.

Inconsistent flow of conditioned air

A consistent flow of conditioned air ensures that your entire family is comfortable regardless of the season. Therefore, if your HVAC struggles to maintain an optimal temperature in every room, consider scheduling AC maintenance. An inconsistent supply of conditioned air could result from a broken compressor or accumulation of debris in the HVAC vents. Seeking the services of an experienced HVAC maintenance expert will help restore your airflow, ensuring that your system works optimally.

Your air conditioning unit makes odd noises

A properly functioning air conditioning unit should operate quietly. Therefore, you should never ignore any odd noises coming from your HVAC system, as these signify a serious issue that needs immediate attention. For instance, if you have a failing AC motor or the blades are damaged, your unit will produce a humming sound. Other odd noises that may necessitate air conditioning maintenance include an alarming bang, a whistle, and a hissing sound.

If you note any of the above warning signs, ensure that you seek preventative air conditioning maintenance services as soon as possible. An experienced AC technician will help keep your unit running at top performance throughout the year.