5 Signs That Your AC Compressor Need Repair

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In many buildings, the air conditioner compressor is unseen and largely unheard. It is usually placed outside at a spot where its noise will be of minimal disturbance. However, placing it this way makes it slow to notice when faulty. Sometimes, the AC will fail completely before you diagnose the compressor as faulty. Knowing to read the clues that your AC is failing will save you a lot of discomfort and inconvenience. Here are signs that tell you it's time to call in the air conditioning repair services. 

1. Loud Strange Noises from the Compressor 

A compressor in proper form hums smoothly, with a change in pitch only when handling higher loads. A very loud pitch could sign that the compressor is struggling to handle its load. A rattling noise should be even more alarming because it points to something loose. If you hear any weird noises coming from your compressor make sure to reach out to an AC repair service as soon as you can. 

2. Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping 

The AC is usually the largest appliance in many homes. A faulty AC can cause changes in power consumption. The compressor takes up the biggest share of the AC's power, to run its motor. A faulty motor will cause a spike in power drainage, causing the circuit breaker to trip. If the circuit breaker is tripping when the AC comes on, have an AC repair service look at the AC. The compressor is usually the first suspect. 

3. Reduced Cold Air Flow 

You will cold air drafts wafting around the room when the AC works properly. There is reduced cold airflow when the compressor is faulty. You notice that there is no sensible change in temperature even when the AC is working at full capacity. 

4. Visible Leaks from the Compressor 

Leaking refrigerant is a very costly fault. It is rare for refrigerant leaks to happen, but sometimes they do. A loose motor fan foil can nick the refrigerant piping, causing a leak. The ability of the AC deteriorates rapidly in this type of fault. The refrigerant absorbs heat and dumps outside. If you noticed any visible liquids leaking, you need to call an air conditioning repair service immediately as AC refrigerant is a harmful compound.

A faulty compressor will work harder, which raises its power consumption and the power bill. A faulty motor will function below its expected efficiency and this will be noticeable in a higher power bill. 

Do you suspect your AC is faulty? Engage an air conditioning repair service to make a comprehensive diagnosis and repair.