Tips To Try When Your Fridge Is Not Working Properly

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Your fridge is obviously an important part of your kitchen and household, but far too many homeowners take it for granted, right up until the moment that something stops working properly. If you believe you may be in need of refrigeration repair, you can contact a local repair service for assistance, but you may first want to try and do some basic troubleshooting on your own. To that end, here are some refrigeration repair tips to keep in mind.

It's On, But It's Not Cold Enough

If your fridge is turned on, but the temperature inside continues to drop no matter what you do, you might have a problem where something is interfering with the coils. When is the last time you actually cleaned your fridge? Unplug your fridge and remove any protective coverings over the coils if needed. Use a brush to wipe away any dust or debris. Also, ensure that your fridge is pulled out enough from the wall to ensure proper airflow if you have coils on the back of the fridge.

It's Not Turning On at All

It's a different problem entirely if the fridge won't even turn on. Did you recently have a power surge or other electrical problem? If you come home to find the power went out but your fridge never came back on when it was restored, it's possible the power surge caused an issue with the electrical circuit board. You'll need a professional to replace it for you.

I Can't Get the Ice or Water Dispenser to Do Its Job

Most modern fridges have ice or water dispensers, making it convenient to quickly fill or refill a glass without having to open the door. So it can be quite annoying when either dispenser stops working properly. If you haven't changed the water filter in a while, this could be a possible culprit. It's also possible the valve that moves when the dispenser is pushed has accrued a buildup of minerals from the water and will need to be replaced by a professional.

The Ice Maker is Making Weird Noises or Not Creating Ice

Another convenient feature offered by many modern fridges is an ice maker that automatically replenishes your stock as you use ice through the dispenser. If the ice is being produced but will not dispense, or you are noticing unusual sounds coming from the fridge when the ice maker is working, it's possible the ice maker's motor has either failed or is about to fail. 

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