Plumbing Problems That Often Happen When Heating Fails During Winter Weather

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The winter months can be a time when your household plumbing is vulnerable to severe damage. These problems can get worse if your heating system fails. Therefore, you may need help with repairs to deal with these issues during the cold weather. The following plumbing problems often happen when your heating goes out.

Problems With Radiant Heating During Cold Weather

With a radiant heating system, you may have to deal with several problems. First, the heating may quit working, which can lead to damage to the pipes that provide heating to your home. These issues can often be avoided by using a closed circuit for radiators and an antifreeze additive. You are going to have to deal with the heating problems as well as any damage to pipes that need to be repaired.

Issues With Pipes When Heating Fails

There are also issues with burst water lines inside your home that you may have to deal with. The issues with the damaged pipes inside your home can be a burst line, or it could be something less noticeable. Issues with the pipes inside your home being damaged during cold weather include:

  • Cracked pipes that start to leak
  • Burst pipes that cause severe water damage
  • Leaking pipe fittings that get worse with changes in temperatures
  • Clogged drain lines getting worse as temperatures drop

The cold weather and changes in temperatures can also cause problems with minor leaks to get worse. Any damage to the water lines should be repaired before it gets worse when the temperatures drop.

Damage to Exterior Pipes That Are Exposed to Cold Air

The plumbing outside your home is also vulnerable to cold weather. This is why you will want to take some precautions to prevent damage to exterior plumbing installations, including:

  • Meters freezing and water not coming into your home
  • Damaged lateral water line to your home bursting
  • Damage to irrigation systems and backflow prevention devices
  • Problems with pool equipment and other exterior plumbing installations

The pipes that are installed for irrigation, pools, and other installations can be vulnerable to serious damage. Therefore, you want to make sure they are protected or winterized before the temperatures start to drop. In addition, check the meter occasionally during cold weather to catch problems before they become serious issues.

The plumbing problems can be avoided by maintaining your heating system and improving plumbing. Contact a local plumbing service like Bud's Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric for help with repairs when winter weather causes damage.