5 Methods To Prevent Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home

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When you run your HVAC system, it should heat and cool your home evenly. If you have hot or cold spots in your house when you run it, you have an air balancing issue. Air balancing is the art of ensuring the right level of air is pumped through each room in your home to ensure it is evenly heated or cooled, as appropriate. You and your HVAC professionals can do several things to fix air balancing issues with your home.

Method #1: Adjust the Damper Blade

First, you will want to check all the registers, which is the opening through which the air flows into your home. Make sure that they are all open. A single closed register can impact the flow of air throughout your home.

From there, you may want to adjust the damper blades on the register, which will allow you to change the direction of the air and change how much air is coming through. If you have cool areas, adjust the damper to allow a little less air to flow. If you have areas that are too warm, open it up a little more. Play around with the damper blades on your register and see if that fixes the air balancing issue in that room.

Method #2: Change the Temperature

Sometimes, you need to change the temperature on your thermostat to balance the air. This is especially true if you have a two-story home. If you have a two-story home, you will want to set the upper story's temperature to be two degrees greater than the lower story.

For example, you will want to set the upper story to 70 and the lower story to 68. This can help even out the temperature throughout your home and get rid of cold and hot spots.

Method #3: Clean the Air Filter

Many issues with your HVAC system can be traced back to your air filter. You should check your air filter every month and change it or clean it if it has accumulated lots of dirt and contaminants. As the air filter does its job and traps debris, the air that flows through the filter can become reduced, impacting your HVAC system's operation and causing air balancing issues.

Method #4: Check Your Ductwork

Often, the ductwork in your home can experience damage, especially if it has been in place for a while. Issues such as loose duct joints or holes in the ductwork can impact airflow to each area of your home and result in air balancing issues.

An HVAC professional can inspect your ductwork for damage and make improvements, such as refitting duct joints or adding insulation to your ductwork to ensure that the right amount of air is at the correct temperature dispenses into your home.

You may also need to install extra ducts in your home to get the airflow moving as it should.

Method #5: Adjust the Blower Fan Speed

Your blower's fan speed may need to be adjusted by a professional to get the fan blowing at the right speed to heat and cool your home correctly.

If you are experiencing air balancing issues in your home, and opening all the registers and adjusting the temperature setting on the thermostat doesn't help, call in an HVAC professional for some air balancing assistance.

For more information, reach out to a local HVAC company.