3 Prevalent Furnace Issues and Solutions for Them

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Furnaces are unfortunately not meant to work great forever. That doesn't mean you have to worry too much when issues arise with your residential furnace. You just need to know how to address common problems and this guide can help with that.

1. Improper Airflow

If you notice that your furnace is not providing ample heat because of an airflow issue, it's important to respond quickly. Otherwise, the issue will persist and make your furnace work harder than it should, which can cause it to break down more often.

There are several reasons why the airflow could be restricted. For instance, your air ducts could be clogged. If you suspect this problem, hire an HVAC repair contractor. They can access the clogged section and remove dirt, debris, and other particles. Or, the airflow issue may be as simple as a dirty air filter, in which case you can just replace it with a new and clean one.

2. Malfunctioning Pilot Light

The pilot light is the small gas flame that serves as a source of ignition. Any time you have problems with this component, you need to hire an HVAC repair technician immediately. That's because fixing this component could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. 

An HVAC repair contractor will know what aspects to check and come up with a repair solution, fortunately. It could be a bad thermocouple, which needs to be replaced by a furnace repair contractor. Or the pilot light may just need to be re-lit. Either way, the contractor will figure out an effective solution. 

3. Excessive Noise

If you hear a lot of noise with your furnace, that is usually a sign that some of the components have become loose. You should be able to fix this problem yourself. You'll just need to identify the loose component and tighten it appropriately.

Then there are times when furnace components make a lot of noise because they're old and need to be replaced. If you're in this spot, be sure to hire an HVAC repair contractor. They'll inspect the noisy component and make sure it does indeed need to be replaced. 

Any time your furnace stops working, the best thing you can do is remain calm and figure out exactly what's wrong. If the problem is complex or you're simply unsure, you can hire an HVAC contractor. They can take a further look and figure out how to get your heating system back up and running great again.