Common Air Conditioning Problems And Their Remedies

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An air conditioning unit plays an important role in the comfort level of your living space. Still, there are times that a unit may malfunction. Here are a few common issues that can occur with your air conditioning system and the actions that may remedy them.

The unit doesn't blow cold air. 

Sometimes, an air conditioning unit may come on in response to high temperatures within a home. However, the air conditioner may may blow warm air instead of the cold air that you're expecting. This problem often occurs because of insufficient refrigerant in the unit.

If your unit is not blowing air that is as cold as it should be, contact an air conditioning specialist to have your unit assessed. The specialist can check the refrigerant levels and add more if needed.

The temperature within your home never reaches the setting on your thermostat.

If your air conditioning unit appears to be working but does not cool your home to the thermostat temperature setting, there could be an obstruction in your air vents or a problem with your filters. A filter change and a professional vent cleaning may remedy the issue.When air is not permitted to blow freely through the vents and into your home, even if the air is as cold as it should be, your home will not cool efficiently.

Additionally, there are other issues that can result in less-than-optimal cooling, such as a unit that is not large enough for the space that is being cooled. There can also be issues with the humidity levels in your area. When humidity levels soar, your air conditioning unit may blow air that is not sufficiently dry. As a result, your home may not be as cool as it should be from the unit's output.

No air blows from your vents.

The fan of an air conditioning unit blows the cool air into your home. If the fan fails, no air will blow even though the unit is on.

Some fan issues are caused by condensation and poor drainage that may prevent the movement of the unit's fan. If you have noticed that your fan seems inoperable, contact a specialist to repair your fan or remedy any drainage issues.

Your air conditioner continues to turn on and then quickly off repeatedly.

The repeated abbreviated cycling of an air conditioning unit is sometimes due to a condenser or evaporator issue. Often, the component simply needs to be properly cleaned. An air conditioning specialist can clear dirt and debris to eliminate problems with short cycling.

If there is currently an issue with your air conditioning unit, schedule a consultation with an air conditioning contractor in your local area. You can also click here for more info on this topic.