Common Lighting Symptoms That May Indicate That Your Home Needs Electrical Repairs

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Although it is easy to disregard flickering lights and constantly needing to change the light bulbs throughout your home as the result of cheap bulbs or another minor issue, the truth is that those symptoms can often indicate a serious issue with your electricity that needs to be evaluated by a professional like AAA Home Services as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are unsure as to what the lighting problems your home is experiencing might indicate, you need to be aware of the information discussed below.

When The Lights Flicker On A Regular Basis

Although it is not unusual for lights to flicker during severe weather, when it happens on a regular basis, it might mean that the wiring in the weatherhead is damaged or impaired in some way. Commonly occurring when it is particularly windy outside, the wiring experiences a short when it is caught in the wind and your lights will dim or flicker. Alternatively, the short might occur somewhere else within the system and still manifest with the same symptom of fluctuating lights.

Since that is a known safety hazard because of its potential for the short to start a fire due to the flying sparks, your electrician or your electric company will probably need to replace the weatherhead very soon.

If You Find That You Need To Change Light Bulbs Entirely Too Often

Assuming that there have not been any significant lifestyle or familial changes lately that resulted in heavier use of certain lights in your home, it is not a good sign when you notice that you are replacing the light bulbs much more frequently than you used to. For instance, the issue might be caused by a faulty connection within the circuit or elsewhere in the system. In that instance, its on-going use without correction could allow an electrical fire to start.

However, it is also possible that the sudden need for cabinets full of new light bulbs is the result of inadequate insulation for recessed lights. Recessed lighting is unique in that it usually has a pre-determined safety feature that permits them to shut off when they reach an unsafe temperature. While that can obviously be annoying, you should actually worry when some of the recessed lighting stays on and others do not. That is because if the lighting does not shut down when it should, it might indicate that some of the lights are no longer operating as they should and there is a stronger chance of a fire starting from that intense heat.

Regardless of where the bulbs in question are, constantly changing them is a poor idea. Therefore, you should speak with an electrician about your concerns and schedule an evaluation as soon as possible.

In conclusion, it is very important to know what it means when seemingly minor issues with your electric manifest.